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In today’s world, access to information technology is critical in learning and for economic development.

Many government and aided/unaided schools are deprived of using computer technology in teaching and learning due to lack of computer infrastructure in schools. On the other hand there are thousands of used computers in perfectly good working conditions being discarded by the technology intensive industry year on year. Sankya Vidhya Foundation (SVF) attempts to bridge this gap of demand and the supply.

SVF is a non-profitable Trust founded and run by senior Rotarians of District 3190 to enhance learning through technology in education and bridge the digital divide in government and rural schools.

Till date, over 10,000 desk top computers have been placed in over 3000 schools, vocational Training Centres & charitable Institutions in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. These schools have been equipped with computer hardware, licensed software and appropriate content to facilitate computer education in schools.

The process of requesting for a desk top system is simple. Any government or aided/unaided school can request for computers through local Rotary Club by applying on the Sankya Vidhya web site. The local Rotary will work with the school to identify the need and qualify the criteria. The process ensures that needy schools have an avenue available to equip their learning environments with technology.

The Sankya Vidhya program is a fully self-sustainable solution. The overhead costs are low with voluntary services from Rotary. The desktops as well as the software, content and other applications are provided by the industry at a very low or at zero cost. Any cost towards this and the maintenance are generally sponsored by the local Rotary. Besides this, the SVF receives grants by qualifying in to the CSR programs of the donor companies.

As part of the program, Sankya Vidhya advises its beneficiaries on responsible e-waste management of the donated hardware so that beneficiaries are aware of how they can responsibly dispose of hardware when the time comes. Sankya Vidhya is also committed to Government’s e-waste program and has undertaken to send all the donated computers to e-waste at the end of their life or 3 years whichever is earlier.

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